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Do You know your Breeds?

I thought it would be fun to have a quiz whilst enjoying looking at very cute pictures of puppies and kittens - is there anything better than that?

Take a look at the photos and see if you know the breed of each. Some are immediately obvious as the young are like miniatures of the adult but I have mixed it up a bit with some unusual colourings that may trip you up.

There are 23 pics with multiple choice so grab a piece of paper - the answers are below.

Do comment to let me know how clever you are :)


1. a) German Shepherd

b) Rottweiler

c) Bulldog

2. a) Maltese

b) Shih Tzu

c) Poodle

3. a) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

b) Boxer

c) French Bulldog

4. a) Siamese

b) Siberian

c) Sphinx

5. a) Beagle

b) Labrador

c) Fox Terrier

6. a) Persian

b) Manx

c) Siamese

7. a) Shih Tzu

b) Yorkshire Terrier

c) Jack Russel

8. a) Persian

b) Raggamuffin

c) Burmese

9. a) Irish Wolfhound

b) Dalmation

c) Great Dane

10. a) Collie

b) German Shepherd

c) St. Bernard

11. a) Labrador

b) Red Setter

c) Kelpie

12. a) Husky

b) Mastiff

c) Alsatian

13. a) King Charles Spaniel

b) Labrador

c) Cocker Spaniel

14. a) Ragdoll

b) Maine Coon

c) Bombay

15. a) West Highland Terrier

b) Maltese

c) Shih Tzu

16. a) Chihuahua

b) Labradoodle

c) Pomeranian

17. a) Weimerama

b) Blood Hound

c) Doberman-Pinscher

18. a) Burmese

b) Abyssinian

c) Siamese

19. a) Beagle

b) Labrador

c) Dachshund

20. a) Fox Terrier

b) Chihuahua

c) Pomeranian

21. a) Shar Pei

b) Mastiff

c) Bulldog