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It has been a wonderful few months since CuddleCare opened its' doors, nose to tail pooches you could say ;)

I always knew that I could provide the caring environment that all pet owners hope for but I have been humbled by how much I get back in return. I have definitely "found my calling" in the wonderful world of pet sitting.

Hubby and I have enjoyed the company of many different personalities and our household happily adapts to each and every one.

Our permanent two -Angus and Rocky have learned to do the same. It has been fascinating watching the doggy interactions- how they work out who is boss, who to ignore, who is ok to cuddle up to and who likes to play with them or not...

It is also wonderful to experience the well behaved, loved pets that owners entrust to my care who often show my two darlings to be a little more spoiled than they should be!

Although I don't offer the 5 star accommodation that seems to be demanded by many these days -penthouse luxury with pet TV's and personal massages , pet owners know that their little darlings will get all the love and attention that I can give and maybe that is more important?

So, in conclusion, if you need a break away but don't believe there is anyone out there that will be able to care enough about your pet for you to go without them, believe me that most pet sitters are in the business because they do care.....I certainly am.

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