How do I Train my Puppy?

puppy training

As a Pet Sitter, it is apparent to me that people love puppies and I have come across a few little tykes lately that are totally adorable. If you have recently introduced a puppy into your household, you may appreciate a few tips on how to train them so they become well balanced adult dogs.

By setting a few boundaries now you can prevent the development of habits that will not be so forgivable if left until adulthood. Some "adorable" puppy habits range from chewing slippers to weeing in the corner....not so great when your fully grown mastif does it!

Positive Reinforcement is the most effective method by far and I found this great 30 point graphic ( to take you through in detail, the steps needed to develop your cute, naughty little puppy into a trusted, well-behaved adult dog.

Infographic created by Amber Kingsley (Information sourced from

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