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What is your Dog's Personality Type?

Group of different breeds of dogs

At last, I have a bit of time to sit and write a new blog for you all. It certainly has been a little busy lately in my new world of pet-sitting and I am thrilled about that as that is exactly what I was hoping for. The slow and steady launch of CuddleCare where people could get to know me and consequently feel confident enough to leave their pets in my care has given time for me to make sure there are enough hours in my day to achieve everything!

dogs on rug

As I hoped, CuddleCare has proved helpful for people who want to visit Fraser Island and our beautiful local area and I have had a few furry overnight guests over these weeks- all of which has been enriching and fun for hubby and I and have ensured a more varied walking schedule than usual - much to the delight of our permanent little darlings, Angus and Rocky.

One thing that is apparent is that doggy personalities are as fickle as human personalities and I can never know ahead of time if our furry guests will hit it off with Angi and Rock or there will be "Mexican stand offs" - fortunately, by the end of each stay, all are content and happy to snuggle up on the rug together (be it in opposite corners) after a big day of bonding and fun.

It has been said that pets often mirror their owners in personality so I decided to do a bit of research on this.

Interestingly, I found that dogs mainly fit into five personality types which are mostly molded by upbringing, environment, breed and self esteem.

laid back happy dog

The Laid Back, Happy Dog gets along well with everyone he/she meets but their happy personality can mean that they are apt to get into trouble for jumping up on people when they greet them if they haven’t been taught basic commands, like sit or down. This dog can become overly excited, especially around children, and other large dogs could scare them so if your pet is the happy, laid back type, keep close boundaries and let them know the rules.

quizzical dog

The Confident Dog is a natural born leader of the pack. It is important not to use overly harsh discipline or training methods with this personality type as this could lead to aggressive tendencies or for your dog to become willful and disobedient. This dog feels secure in his surroundings, and has a self-assuredness that shows in his body language. He likes to please so looks to you to reward him all the time for his confidence. Go ahead but keep the boundaries tight.

suspicious dog

The Independent Dog can be standoffish, and may not form a strong bond with any owner he doesn’t see as his leader. It is important to show that you, as owner are the boss but remember that trying to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do may backfire. You can easily lose your confident dog’s trust and respect if you expose him to heavy handed treatment so be firm but fair so it is always obvious to him why he is being disciplined or rewarded.

timid dog hiding under bed

The Shy/Timid Dog needs an owner who can give calm, consistent and patient understanding, with a sensitivity to his needs and feelings. He needs reassurance from the one he loves in order to feel safe and secure.

Shouting or harsh training methods can cause your shy timid dog to shut down, and you risk losing his trust. Too much discipline can push this dog to become more insecure, fearful or even aggressive. It’s important to give a shy/timid dog plenty of opportunities to succeed to help boost his self confidence, and daily exercise to stimulate his mind.

questioning dog

The Adaptable Dog is eager to please, and the easiest of the five personalities to train. Not as outgoing as the happy personality, this dog gets along easily with other dogs, cats

or people. He’s perfectly happy to follow the commands of his owner, who he sees as his leader. This is an easy to control dog – cooperative, gentle and affectionate – that makes a great family pet.

Knowing your dogs' personality type helps you understand why your dog behaves the way he does and may help you build a stronger bond and a healthy relationship that will last a lifetime.

I have picked my two's personality types, try and figure out your pets' too!

Comments welcome below- don't be shy, I would love to know if you agree or not with the 5 personality types of dogs.

Please note that the pictures above are not indicative of breed/personality type.

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