Exercising your Pet makes you Happier

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I does seem obvious but now it is official - exercising your dog makes you happier.

This means healthier as well as happier and consistency is the key.

dog with leash

I know this to be true from my own experience with the occasional missed walk out with my two adorables leading to an attack of the "guilts."

I can say that I am definitely happier when I am doing the right thing by my boys and giving them the right amount of varied exercise that they love and need at anytime of the day however, recent studies by "Jawbone" (software similar to "Fitbit") have now shown added benefits to choosing the optimal time of day to exercise your pets.

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I believe that walking your dog is a very personal thing and anytime that fits into your daily schedule is absolutely fine and dandy but apparently, it seems that dogs who are exercised early in the morning are more likely to get consistent exercise than dogs that are exercised at other times during the day purely because their owners are more likely to be consistent in the morning.

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The study reports that the three best times to walk your pet to achieve consistency are firstly 6am followed by a very early 5am then

9am. Conversely, an evening walk at 6pm is associated with the most inconsistency in pet walking - I presume this is due to most people's dinner patterns and the laziness we often all feel after our evening meal when we just want to flop in front of the telly....

dog with leash on beach

We hardly need a study to tell us that the more regularly you walk your pet, the better the overall mood of your pet will be but it seems that dogs that are exercised consistently will also have better social skills and confidence along with the added benefit of an increase in their happiness as well as your own.

dog on leash

From my own experience, watching my two dogs running and chasing and sniffing then huffing and puffing to finally settling down to a contented afternoon nap to recover is one of the great joys in life and being out with them for a bush walk or along the foreshore is a great escape mechanism from any daily stresses or worries.

lizard on leash

So think about scheduling a 6am morning walk for you and your pet because now there is a proven statistic that you will be more consistent and therefore more fit and happy than if you are someone who prefers an evening walk but hey, don't shoot the messenger (me), I am just putting it out there :)

I have to add though, and maybe we should point it out to the statistical experts, that most dogs need more than one walk a day don't they?.... I should be ecstatic !

dog with umbrella and gum boots

Wherever you live, be it in the city or out bush, whatever the weather, remember that the most important benefit to being a pet owner is the necessity to exercise regularly and consistently -preferably early in the morning - and do the right thing to keep both you and your pet healthy and most importantly, HAPPY.

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