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CuddleCare Services


*Pet Sitting in Your Own Home


I believe your pets, whatever they may be from furbabies to stick insects, deserve only the best care and with in-home pet sitting the benefits of remaining in their own home where they feel safe, even if you are not there, are many...

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress at home

  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted

  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated

  • Pet's exposure to illness is minimized compared to having them stay away


With 2 daily visits to your pet, I will feed them, replenish their water, do a poo patrol, clean litter trays (for our feline friends), clean out cages (if an extended care) and, of course, walk, cuddle and play.

Along with the benefits of choosing this option when you have to go away, you can be confident that your home will look lived in as I will collect your mail, open and close curtains, alternate lights, water plants, put out bins etc- whatever you need for the peace of mind you get when your home is not left neglected.

My husband is also available to mow your lawn should you be away for an extended time.

For added peace of mind, I will send you daily sms or email updates and pictures of your pet/s.


Angus and Gemma -CuddleCare PSS
Dog with toy-CuddleCare PSS
*Dog Walking or Cat Playtimes


Give me a list of your dog's favourite command words and walking routine so again, your pet can feel secure in familiar surroundings. I will always have your dog’s safety in mind and will not interact with any other dogs unless instructed

by you. 

Dogs and cats alike need one on one time where they can let off steam, jump and frolic. I will always spend time with your pets to make sure they don't get bored and continue to feel loved whilst their favourite humans are away.

Cat on scratching post-CuddleCare PSS
*Overnight Service
This service is great for your elderly pets who require toilet breaks through the night.

Should you feel happier knowing your pet is going to be cared for through the night in their own surroundings, I am able to sleepover between 8pm-6am in your home. 


*Sleepover Pet-Sitting -My Most Popular Service...!! 


Your pet can stay in my home should I feel it appropriate- Angus is always welcoming and excited to have a guest. All vaccinations need to be up to date. 

*Hourly Pet-Sitting


This is great for anyone caught short with their pet when they want to go diving, take a helicopter ride or take a trip to one of our National Parks such as Fraser Island or Carlo Sand Blow. Many accommodations don't allow for your pet to be left alone so call me, I am local and I will care for your pooch so you don't miss out on a great trip!

*Full day rate available and includes walks.

*Pet Taxi Service


If it is tricky for you to get your pet to an appointment I can be your taxi. Depending on the size of your pet, I may have a cage for them to travel comfortably in the back of my car. This service will be quoted according to kilometers the journey requires from pickup to destination.

overnight service
Hourly Rate
Sleepover Service
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